We can decide to envision these multiple layers

Continuously recollect, the Multiverse associates with you in the manner in which you permit it to, through the entryway of the frequencies of your conviction. It is a typical misperception that we, as conscious creatures of this world called Earth, are the essential makers of our common reality in that it starts from some inward level of our bitingness inside 3D. We just decide to adjust the course of our aim, and afterward see our experience, our lives, through that concentration. Other layered states are likewise capable by, and through, a change in recurrence. You might imagine this as a comparable interaction to turning the dial on a radio or TV to get an alternate station, an alternate transmission capacity. Not at all like this one way process, actually moving you’re apparent the truth is an intuitive, vivid experience. We are all co-makers in that we decide to channel and concentration upon specific parts of the Round of Life. At the point when we arrive at a specific condition of gathered insight and experience, we understand that the limits and limits we experience are to a great extent purposeful. We start to extend our extent of vision about the certain purported unchanging realities of our reality — advanced age, passing, the pattern of resurrection/resurrection and other acknowledged ideal models of involvement.

One condition settled inside one more as levels inside levels

Every one of our erratic shows of up, down, distance, internal and outward are signs of the frequencies, and the recurrence (reiteration) of our convictions. Obviously, for functional purposes, and centered activity inside 3D reality, we take on these shows to play the Game inside some kind of equivalent arrangement of standard procedures. We have been hypnotized and entrained to acknowledge these limits of the structure. These cutoff points are legitimate builds and should be regarded until we have genuinely dominated them and afterward we can start to rise above them. Just a bonehead would bounce from a structure on guileless confidence alone, without being certain that they had genuinely dominated the power of gravity in a predictable way. The conundrum is — authority eventually doesn’t mean control through power of will, through the control of energy. That way prompts more labyrinths, problems and complex difficulties. Assuming you keep on deciding to play the round of imagination and creative mind through scholarly excitement just, you will deplete the existence force stores of your current manifestation and won’t ever accomplish the more extensive fields of opportunity and delight that you look for. A more extensive condition of opportunity won’t be imaginable until we start to notice the examples that we are up to speed in, anything that they might be and move past them by delicately picking and following up on, with sincere inclination and purpose, other more life certifying options. Have Tolerance, practice and perseverance.

We offer you an extremely integral asset to work with in the DNA

LevelOne.Activation Series soundscapes. The frequencies inside these transmissions will help you in building the smooth, consistent recurrence maps that lead you ever forward on your Developmental Way of Light. As you increment your Light Remainder, your realization of the potential reality that you live will be raised to increasingly high levels and you will epitomize and communicate the unfurling happiness and overflow of those more far reaching frequencies of conviction. Partake in the Excursion.

The Extension between Issue and the Heavenly

Underneath and past direct word structures is vibration, a tremendous expanse of boundless sounds; the base power from which the crossing light codes that structure matter and the holographic construction of our common reality radiates. We, and all that we experience, are nevertheless moving molecule waves, scalar sounds of recurrence communicating. Music, sound, tone, balance, frequencies and vibration are principal components arising “past” and through the center level subatomic of this degree of the real world. We are energy creatures made out of different frequencies that network together to shape the matter that we call the human body. A lot bigger piece of what our identity is exists in the non-noticeable, etheric domain of energy. What we know to exist in the space of 3D reality additionally exists in higher octaves of Light. These interpenetrating layers from the physical to the etheric and then some, connect into the All-inclusive Unity and associate us to All That Is – our framework of Light.

This shape shifting energy dynamic might be portrayed with words somewhat, however words are restricted with regards to imparting the higher information accessible all through this framework. Sense the tones of feeling, the reverberations of feeling behind these word pictures that we paint with the expansive brushstrokes of language. Feeling and feeling are the keys to get to the fortunes of involvement, sign and insight that you look for. Love is the bound together transporter wave and your earnest and sincere longing will frame the Wings of Light that will elevate and unfurl to help you on your excursion. Music made with the energy and expectation to give the recurrence guide to you to travel upon, is the following type of diverted data for the people who are figuring out how to coordinate the higher vibrations of Light into their lives in a grounded, yet extended structure.

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